Friday, September 28, 2012

Horror Flick

WOW this movie sucked. What is happening with horror these days???????? 

more Disneyland Halloween

Love the scare-dy-crow shack. Glad they brought it back. 




K-Mart Halloween 2012

Well this is new. Skeleton of a once popular clown it would seem

More Disneyland

Disneyland Halloween Time 2012

Every year we go to Disneyland for Halloween Time. It is filled with great Halloween imagery and cheer. It's a must for any Halloween lover that can get there. This year had a fantastic Western-Halloween vibe that we really dig, since we grew up on a ranch. Say what you will about Disney, but we are fans, both as artists, and as having Family ties to their animation history. Disney never lets down with its amazing attention to detail, and its everlasting allure. This year they definitely kept the tradition alive in a way only Disney could produce.  I will post more images throughout the weeks.

Spooky Halloween Miniature Dollhouse

Now that's a cool bathroom!!

Maria Rubinke

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Saw these huge pumpkin pails and had to buy! These are definitely for October Boys! Probably the best thing I have seen this season.  For only 6 dollars!!

We actually bought 4, but the other cutie is in the back seat. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Here at October Boys, we love to collect old kid books on Halloween. This will begin a post series of kids books that we love- some known wide, some rarely read. 

The first book we want to highlight is called Hubknuckles.  Reading this as a boy, I was awestruck on how spooky it was. I recently picked this up again, and found that it was still very spooky for a kids book. I don’t know why, but you do see a lot of children’s books from the 60s-80s tackle more heavy spooks for a “kids” book. No complaints here though. 

Here is a description: 
Every Halloween, Hubknuckles pays a visit to Lee and her younger sisters and baby brother. The children watch the ghostly figure from the safety of their warm kitchen, experiencing delicious little tickles of fear.

But this year, Lee has decided that Hubknuckles isn’t real. “Hubknuckles is just a sheet and a flashlight,” she tells her sisters. “Either Ma or Pa makes him dance.” And she is determined to prove it. 

What Lee discovers after an eerie dance on the lawn with her silent, shadowy partner is sure to delight young readers, who will be enchanted by the softly glowing illustrations of this unusual Halloween happening.


8-Bit Halloween is a short but sweet platformer that's in the style of Castlevania and Ghost & Goblins, created by Lionsoft just in time for the All Hallows' Eve celebration. You play as Jackie-Gun, a buffed-up grunt who happens to be stuck in a cemetery with the exit door mysteriously locked at the start of the game. A friendly apparition appears out of nowhere and offers to help our hero escape, but before it can do so Jackie must find and rescue five of his other ghostly brothers (who somehow can't pass through the bars of the cages holding them in). 

The game doesn't feature any sort of checkpoint system, so you'll have to play through the entire adventure in one go. Freeing ghosts also reward you with just one point of health, but you will lose it just as quickly if you don't watch your step when walking on a dead man's grave. 8-Bit Halloween is available to download from YoYo's safe, and better yet, its FREE!