Thursday, October 25, 2012

la vie en cocoa

Halloween chocolates are a tradition you just can't pass up. Sure, you need to be careful of the crazy razor blade people and your own overindulgence, but don't deny yourself some Halloween treats.

You know by now that we are absolute chocolate art addicts, so it's no surprise that I love any legitimate excuse to talk about this.

Halloween fits the bill nicely! I can’t really explain why, but Halloween chocolate art has always appealed to us, and I guess could be considered a small subculture within the Halloween lovers community.

There's plenty of chocolate floating around this time of the year. Everything from bags of innocuous splendor, to true forms of macabre art.

Below are some samples of truly horrifying works that made out heart melt...



We are also armature chocolatiers, and like to make our own chocolate art. We had planned to make a chocolate Halloween diorama, but sadly global warming has made this part of California oddly hot this time of year, that everything we made, would start to melt. My coffins, ghosts, ghouls and JOL's started to wilt the second I put them on the display. So sadly I will have to wait until next year:(

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