Sunday, October 14, 2012

Common to the Samarkand

I have always been a rational person, but this made me question that.

I had moved into a house in the Samarkand area and was really happy to be living in such a great space. It wasn’t long though before I started getting eerie sensations on my evening dog walks within the uniform stillness prevalent to the area. I couldn’t put my finger on it; but at times it felt like something was trailing me through the undulating solitudes of the Samarkand. Occasionally I would perceive dark figural gloom in far off corners under the dipping trees that seal the neighborhood.

This culminated one night as I was reading in bed when I heard sounds that made no sense to my mind THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Was coming from my roof! It took me a second to realize that what I was hearing was someone running circles on my roof! With my walls trembling I propelled out of bed with heart in hand. This was no simple rodent or raccoon, that I was certain.  I flew out my front door and quickly turned to see who was causing such a fright…Nothing-there was nothing up there…I was deeply shaken. This happened three times with no physical finding.

Soon after this I became friends with a neighbor named Chumana, a Native from SB.  I expressed my concerns as she grinned, then informed me that what I experienced was ghastly spirits running from roof to roof trying to take flight, quite common for this area. I’m still not sure what I believe it was, but that dreadful description sure fit that horrible sound.

I now can’t help but look up at the trees and wonder if ghastly spirits observe my evening strolls through the half shut eye of the Samarkand twilight.


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